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Merry Christmas and a Pawsome New Year Bubsy Fans!!



Just wanted to wish from all of us at the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog a Merry Christmas and a Pawsome New Year!   Been a great year with a new Bubsy game that we all enjoyed, the Bubsy Fan Server as a great place to hang out, and a lot of love for the Bubster.   I think 2019 was a turn around year for Bubsy as the video gaming world found Bubsy with a Runner style game go from "insufferable" to "almost sufferable".  :P


We love you man!   You've made us happy to see you again, and was awesome to see the following tweet from "Bubsy" over at Accolade:






As me and 20 others said, and 107 liked, Happy Holidays Bubsy!


(And Arnold, Virgil, "Allie" (pronounced Ally) the Woolie, and the Twins.   And Oblivia where-ever you are.)


Your pal,


Doctor Clu and the rest of the Bubsy Fan Bloggers.




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