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UPDATE: TI99 MilleBorne, Yahtzee, Uno FASTER VERSIONS

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I have updated three of my programs for the TI99: MilleBorne, Yahtzee and Uno.

for MilleBornes I cleaned up the code for the AI opponent & made it faster. 

for Yahtzee I remade it without TML to speed the program up by factor of 2. Drawing the fancy color fonts in TML slows down the program because TML has to essentially draw each font on the screen in high rez. Redoing the program for just using DISPLAY AT speeds things up a lot. 

for Uno I also remade the program without the fancy color fonts of Kull XB. Same reason Kull XB is slow like TML as it draw the color fonts in high rez. Also cleaned up the code and it moves along rather respectfully now.

for the new mile bornes use MILLEV2. for new Uno use just UNO file and for Yahtzee use the (misspelled) YATHZEE.

I have also included the other BASIC programs I have posted over the months in the .zip. for manuals check put previous post of the games.



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