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4k quickly

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I have 2 screens in, a title screen, and now I only have 800 bytes left of a 2k game. For the scope of what I want to do, I think I'll need at least 16k of space. I was looking at the Lord of the Rings prototype and it was only 8k. Adventure is 4k. How did they pull that off?


So anyway, I made this title screen.


Press fire and Craig will show up. Move to the right and I added in two trees. This was especially hard since I wanted to keep Craig in so he could interact with the trees. But I eventually solved that. But then came another problem. Craig would get stuck in the tree. But this only happened on a real 2600. But I fixed it. I even added a little sound effect for him bumping into the tree. But that bumped it up to 263 scanlines for some reason. But I solved that problem as well.


I'm going to change the title screen so the actual Craig sprite shows up now that I know what I was doing wrong.

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