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That is the number of bytes I have left for a 2k game. So if I want a huge epic adventure for the Atari 2600 (don't we all?), the time will come (and soon!) to need to learn how to make 4k games. Then 8k games. Perhaps if I get the hang of it I can make this a 64k game. I guess the sky is the limit, although I do want this to be able to be played in one sitting. So now I made a new title screen.


This was a nightmare. I needed a whole bunch of seemingly useless code repeated over and over to make. But if I tried to simplify it, it quit working. Then I decided to try to make it so if you run into the trees, you lose a little health. That was opening a new can of worms, as I fought for a few hours to make the screen not shake when you ran into a tree. Why it started shaking again, I assume, is because I put in the code to decrease health. But now I think I have everything fixed... for now.


The next step is to make a potion in the third screen that ups your health. I'm thinking the first 2k will just be an introduction level for the player, and then the rest will be where things really get interesting.


I bought a Sega Saturn. I need games for it. Does anyone have any? All I have is Sega Rally, and one called Solar Eclipse that I found out in the garage. I thought I had a pinball game for the Saturn as well from my previous Saturn owning days, but after looking in the garage, I couldn't find it. I had to replace the battery though. It got irritating real fast every time you turned the thing on to reset the clock and all.

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