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Don't lean on the electric fence



I was working on my cranberry game last night. I couldn't shut my mind off and just go to sleep. I have trouble with that. I want to be awake doing stuff, not laying there trying to go to sleep. I put in a new screen:


In this one, Craig needs to go through without touching the electric walls. If he does, he'll lose health, so it's best not to. But upon testing, I found that the scanline jumps to 263 when the screen changes to screen #2, so I tried Andrew Davies's vector code. It works great, and the scanline stays at 262. And I have around 750 bytes left still before I need to make this a 4k game. I also made a website for the game's progress. For it, I drew a picture of what I had so far. I think it turned out good. You can find it here. You can also download what I have of the game. I finished it last night, but I needed to sleep, so I waited to test it with my Harmony cart until this morning.


Well it was technically after noon when I woke up. Another 12 hours of sleep. I don't know why I'm so sleepy all the time. Everything works well on a real 2600. Now I'm just waiting for inspiration on screen ideas to hit me.


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