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So I finally got the score working in the cranberry game. I also got it to display playfields and sprites simultaneously. The sprites can move and interact with the playfields not just on the tree screen, but every screen I wish to display playfields on. All the extra code that is needed is the playfield data and when to draw it. There's a timer that adds two at a time and while the result looks rather blocky like a bB game, it is an assembly game.


The bottom of the screen was making different sizes between them resulting in a black area of various heights on a real Atari 2600, so I just moved the bottom down to where you can't see it.


As for my Saturn, I got a new game for it: Last Gladiators Digital Pinball. Do I like it? Sure, I got 600,000,000 on my first try, enough for 1st place on the high score list. And it saved my score when I turned the power off! I wonder how many different games the battery can save at the same time. I doubt I'll find many games I would enjoy on the Saturn since it seems to be filled with fighting and RPGs (genres I don't like), but it is cool to have.


And there is an MST3k marathon tomorrow on the OTA sub-channel "Comet" in honor of the Oscars. Cool. I got to watching the first Friday night airing, but I had to go to sleep after an hour, which is a shame because one I haven't seen before started at 12:15 a.m.

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