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Cruizin' the Interwebs - Sonic Movie actually good! - February 2020



I found it hilarious as I was reading in the Classic Gaming section trying to find information for my Arcadia 2001 that there would be this message written about the new Sonic movie...




I've also had other friends on Facebook mention that they went into the movie with low expectations and they were not shattered!   Really that sounds like a Bubsy line if I ever heard one.  :D   So this got me curious as I heard the movie had a lot of easter eggs in it.  No appearances of the Bubster apparently, but lots of Sonic love (naturally, being a Sonic movie and all).  Found that article here...




Over all since Sonic was an inspiration for my favorite bobcat mascot, ultimately making in the end every release of Bubsy Bobcat a possibility as the Hedgehog blazed ahead, I and other Bubsy fans I'm sure congratulate all the Sonic fans out there as we share in this great moment of gaming fandom!


And as many times, I love finishing one of these with some Sponge Fox art, some recent art she posted on Facebook.  One of Sonic, and well, we gotta have Bubsy here.  :D




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