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The End



I've been thinking about the end of the world. And I think this may be it. I never thought it would happen in my lifetime, but apparently it will. Some day soon (before 2020 ends), we'll all be dead. And all because of a stupid little disease. It's been nice living and getting to meet such wonderful people who have the same interests I did. You know, I thought it would happen differently. Like being struck by an asteroid or something. But a little flu-like thing wiping out the entire earth's population before the year ends seems like a likely possibility now.


So I guess there's no point in my working on any projects because we'll all be dead soon. So, I'll just sit here and wait until I get COVID-19. And eat ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Hey, who cares if we'll all be dead anyway, right?


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The Bubonic Plague (Black Death) killed about 50% of the population in Europe in the 14th Century.  Last i checked, Europe is still here full of people in the 21st Century. No, humanity is not going to all die because of Covid-19. 

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4 hours ago, Random Terrain said:

Only the old and the sickly will be dead. The young and the strong will live. The world doesn't end until 2023.

They said the same thing in 2012 and it was not true.


Nobody knows when the world will end.

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2 hours ago, Serguei2 said:

Nobody knows when the world will end.


You never heard of Project Looking Glass? I sat in the chair and watched the world end. By the way, you're the one who causes it. I'm not allowed to tell you exactly how, but it involves a bucket of shaving cream and Saddam Hussein's ghost.


[Warning: Don't believe everything you read. The person who posted it may be joking.]

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