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2600 cranberries

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So I went back to work on Craig the Cranberry for the Atari 2600. It's a lot like Frank the Fruit Fly in that your object is to get to the right of the screen while avoiding obstacles. I hit a lot of bumps in the road programming this today. You're probably asking "Why not just port Frank the Fruit Fly to the 2600?" Because it'd be a lot different. It'd look a lot different and play a lot different.


Anyway, I made a new screen. In order for it to work though, I had to make a black horizontal line at the bottom. Which, while usually something like this would upset me, this time not so much because there's a black horizontal line at the top as well for a reason I don't know.


I did the Sunday crossword while eating pizza. One of the answers was "Bowser Jr." How they expect old farts who usually do crosswords to get that is beyond me. They should have named him Baby Bowser to go along with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. But I'm not Shigeru Miyamoto. Listening a lot to the jazz station on TV since all the news is about that dumb virus I'm not going to get.

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