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Zyx update

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So after I don't know how long, I finally got the black patches in Greedy Zyx gone. So it now looks like this:


Which is a lot better than what it looked like before. I got it down to 15 separate colors, but the key was this:


When using GIMP, don't write the color space information. So I am really happy with the game now, as it's 1.58MB instead of what it used to be (1.66MB), so there's more space to put in the AtariAge intro in case it gets published like I would like it to be. But Al never answered my PMs, so I don't know how it would get published. Songbird, perhaps? I would like this on a cartridge so I can play it. I don't have a Jag CD unit so I can't play CD Jag games (No "Primal Rage" for me). So if you want to play it, get to the Zyx thread in the Jag Raptor Basic+ forum, where I've posted a shiny new ROM. It's also at the Zyx website as well.

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