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Don't give up!



I have to look at all this and say this: How can this not be total control of the world by China via fearmongering? They brainwashed most of the people, telling us over and over again that this all: "social distancing", closing down shops, grocery stores running out of toilet paper, is just due to a virus? We've had similar viruses, e.g. Zika, Spanish Flu, etc. But they didn't close down nearly everything. Schools were open, sports were being played. China sought control over the USA and the rest of the world, and they now have it.


Here's what I am going to do: I'm going to keep making video games. I'm going to keep up doing what I was doing as much as they want me to stop doing that. All I was doing anyway was mainly sitting at home making video games anyway. But it's so sad to see our world reduced to ashes all around me. So here's my message now: Support your local economy by going to take out restaurants and groceries. They're the only places left people can go to freely. Revolt from this crap as much as possible. Show everyone you've had enough of this. Go outside, do stuff. Screw "social distancing", you're not going to get "the virus" if you stand five feet apart from people. And if, by some awkward chance you do get COVID-19, be proud because you're sticking up for all of us screwed by China.


I'm sorry, that's all I will say at this point. I just had to get that off my chest. I tried hard to not talk about politics and had to delete some of what I was going to say anyway.

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It will end up not being as bad as people think, at least in the USA, especially if people stop rubbing up against each other for a while. The way of doing some things will change. A big reset is happening now. After the reset, things will be better than they were before the virus was released.

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Thanks for your positive attitudes.   There's too much fear mongering going on right now.


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