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So I have been working all this time on my Hamburgers game for the Game Gear. Day turning into night, going to sleep at midnight with the game broken, waking up at 1 p.m., going back to work on it, and then one moment came when I was testing the game, I had figured out what the stupid problem was. Stupid me had set the hamburger's x position off screen so it wasn't showing up. AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!


But that still didn't explain some stuff, though, like why was it that when I pressed up, the game froze? All this time though working away, trying to figure out why it wasn't working, and the burger's X position was set at 32 instead of 54.


The Game Gear is like a miniature Sega Master System. In fact, if I changed some things, I could get the game running on a Sega Master System. But I don't want to. And since the Game Gear's screen is smaller than a TV set, it has to compensate by not showing things on the screen if they're not in the center of it. The Game Gear takes the center's stuff and puts it on the screen. So that would probably mean the burger would have shown up had I been making this for the SMS.


But I figured the Game Gear needs more homebrew since the SMS has plenty already. That, and the number 4 would show at the top if I made this for the SMS. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Fortunately for me, it's too far up to be seen on a Game Gear. I like my number font. It's so less computer-y than most other fonts you see in other video games. But unfortunately when I woke up this afternoon, it had not magically changed back to the way it was. :(

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