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Fruit fly fun

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So the stupid wheel on my mouse broke. It really is annoying when you're so used to spinning it and have something happen so it's jarring to spin it and have nothing happen. Anyway, I had to give up on the Hamburgers game since apparently I can't straighten out sound effects. Sometimes they don't play. So I'm going to give up on it and go back to Frank the Fruit Fly. I made this screen a couple of days ago. I was having so much fun with ideas that were new that I forgot the simpler aspects of the game, like eating fruit to restore health. So I added a grapefruit half in. I'm running out of different fruit though, so I may have to go with a lemon next. I'm hesitant to put a lemon in because lemons are sour.


But it is kind of odd that when I go to work on Frank the Fruit Fly now, I usually don't have major problems that cause me to give up in anger. Which I suppose is a good thing. A better chance of me getting this game finished like I want it to be. But since I'm working on level 5 now and I have about 370 KB of room left, I guess I can make it a much bigger game than I had originally intended. The biggest Pokemon games (the commercially released ones), they're all 512 KB. In the beginning my goal was to match that, but in order to do that, I'd have to work on the game more for YEARS, something I don't want to do since I've already devoted 18 months to this project. That, and it's really hard thinking of new situations for Frank to get into.


Which is why I can't work on this now. Nothing is coming to mind. I guess it's a waiting game for me now. Until inspiration hits. Oh, and I guess it is worth mentioning that the most screens the game can have is 253. Screen 0 is the title screen and screen 254 is the password screen. Screen 255 is the igloo in level 2. Well, that's not true. I could have each level be 255 screens long since there is a separate variable keeping track of the level you're on. But that would mean more code. And more ideas. A LOT more ideas. So I'm not going to do that since I'm only at screen 45. My average is ten screens per level, so I'm about 2/5 done on level 5, since level 2 was big because I was having fun designing the snow level.

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