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Game Gear musings

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I have been looking on eBay for Game Gear related stuff I don't have. It's either something I have or some stupid rancid shovelware. It's kind of hard to find anything new and interesting when you have 146 Game Gear games. That is precisely the reason I wanted to develop Game Gear games. And it's the reason why I began work on Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland 2 (and the first one as well.)


I think the Game Gear is better than the Game Boy because it has color. Not that I think Game Boy is dumb, I really enjoy some Game Boy titles, but when you've been playing the same Game Boy games, it gets tiring because they all seem to look exactly the same because they don't have color. Nintendo rectified the situation by making the Game Boy Color, but its library is nowhere near as expansive as the Game Boy's. And by the time Nintendo released GBA, Sega quit making consoles.


Or, you could just skip the color problem and get a Game Gear. So you won't have as many games to play, but there's some good ones in there. I wonder why more game companies ignored the Game Gear entirely back in the day. It had color, it has the same hardware as a SMS, etc. But I guess it just came down to hardly anyone having one. I was in a school thing one time and noticed kids  playing their Game Boys. I was jealous because I didn't have one at the time. And there was only one kid playing his Game Gear. So I guess that's why.


Also, I actually learned how to make a larger game than 32k on a Game Gear. Still haven't done that for the Game Boy due to lack of interest because I tried a few times and couldn't do it. So I gave up. At least the Game Gear (and Pokemon Mini) people are helpful. HERTS 1 is 1 MB. I did a search for 1 MB Game Gear games and up came a decent number of them. So I guess you could say it's easier to program for. I guess its failure was due to me being in the USA, as apparently the Master System, etc. was known better outside of it. When I had an NES as a kid, I didn't even know the Master System even existed.

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