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2600 Breakout on actual 7800 hardware - Test with XBox One S controller using Bluetooth.



Test with XBox One S controller using Bluetooth.


Development of the Pi hat is a two person endeavor. I'm doing the Python programming and testing, and my friend, formerly an enlisted electronics specialist in the USAF, is providing the electronics expertise.


I tell him what I want to accomplish and give him feedback after I layout the chips on the breadboard. He picks out the chips, does the pin soldering, and is designing the hat layout.


The hat will do everything:

  • 2600 Joysticks for both ports
  • 7800 Joysticks for both ports
  • 2600 2 x Paddles for both ports (aka - enough for 4 people to play Warlords)
  • 2600 Driving Controller for both ports
  • 2600 Keypads


We have ordered enough 7800 replacement cables, i2c digital potentiometers, powered switches, i2c switch chips, and various resistors to complete a breadboard prototype.


It's a bit overkill, but we need a project during this time of social distancing. Yes, we realize that it requires a Pi... I'm hoping that we'll eventually have a version that will run using a rechargeable battery powered Pi Zero without the need for the end-user to interact with the Pi desktop or command line.


Despite the ever-delayed Atari VCS 400/800 being mostly a glorified low-end PC, we're hoping that this hat will work with the Modern Atari Controller and the (new) Classic Atari controller. I have two of each controller on pre-order at Walmart. Of course that means waiting until Nov... so we'll see if they ever get released.


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