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Cruizin' Facebook - Sponge Fox's birthday! - April 2020



Was on Facebook and saw that is was Sponge Fox's (Ginger Chavez) birthday!


Sure she's had birthdays before, and will have others after.  This is one the Bubsy Fan Blog happened to remember.


For those of the past, thanks for drawing Bubsy with fun, with purrsonality, and not as a meme, but with dignity as Bubsy.




Thanks for all the help in projects like the Michael Berlyn interview, the Bubsy comic book, and now with the Bubsy animation project.   You've been a great help to Bubsy fans both here and on the Bubsy Officious Bubsy Discord Server.


And for the future, here's to good health and more adventures together with the Bubster to our long time friend and member of the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog!


Happy birthday!




(Picture Sponge Fox had on Twitter made for Xinny.   In the picture (Left to Right) you have WoolieTrash, Xinny, on top of the cake seems to be Bubsy dressed in drag in a Bug's Bunny moment, then Buster Bobtail (Doctor Clu), Sponge Fox, and then on the ceiling, Wacky the Bobcat (purple), and Rusty the Bobcat.


More of the Officious Bubsy Discord crew was made in this Easter picture by Wacky Bobcat...




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