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Bubsy 2 (Gameboy) I found the glitch!

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Busby the Bobcat


I've recently found the glitch on Bubsy 2 for Gameboy. I basically found the glitch, which you can have infinite life bar!


But that wasn't easy to find, because when I made this glitch by an accident, I didn't know what I did. So I had to try it again and again and again, until I found the way to do it.

So here's how you do it:


Step 1: 
Go to Bubsy 2 for Gameboy (duh) and choose grand tour.



Step 2: 
When you're here, choose the plane level.



Step 3: 
Finish this level. The next step is a bit hard.


Step 4:
When you touch the finish line, go down fast as you can.



If you do it, this will happen:


Then go down some more, and it will automatically go threw the tunnel. 

Now the next is like this: when you see this rock, go towards the rock, and this is gonna happen:



- either you get in and get stuck (which you have to be stuck in it)



- or you'll bounce away (if that happens, it won't work) 



If you get stuck, great! Now you just release bombs quickly by pressing the B button. Then you should hear this sound:



A sound of game over, but cut shortly


When you finish it, Bubsy will flash, like this:



If that happens, congratulations! You've made the glitch!

Now go ahead and choose the level.

As you can see there should be a head of Bubsy as a life bar, but when you do the glitch, it's empty.




But  it won't be empty, when you touch the enemy.

This will happen:


If you hit more, the sprite will change. And now you have unlimited life bar. But that doesn't mean it's over.

There are 3 conditions you have to know:
1. Don't fall damage
2. Don't waste time
3. Don't touch more than 2 checkpoints


If you fail them, it will automatically fix itself and then you loose the power.


So there you have it. I hope that this trick interested you. I sure like this glitch.
If you wanna try it, go ahead and tell me if it works.


Credit is all to me!


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