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Another sprite designing plea



I need help with sprite drawing again. This time it's for the Virtual Boy. As you might have guessed, it's for Craig the Cranberry. And as much as I love bananas, I can't seem to draw them very well. The VIDE program turns all the shades of color into the three shades of red and black the Virtual Boy can display. So in order to know what's going on, I use white for the highest red, yellow for medium, and red for low. As a result, this is what the banana looks like before I convert it with VIDE.


And this is how it appears in the game:


But I can't draw a banana that well, so I need someone else to make one for me. A jumping sprite and a standing still sprite. Bill just stands there for a few seconds before he takes a giant leap. This is the time for Craig to roll under him because he can't jump over him. My banana looks like something straight out of South Park though, which I don't want to have. So please help me.


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So what is the size of each frame, 40x89 pixels? Are you drawing the entire banana as one object or does it consist of multiple layered sprites? And the banana is an enemy, so it should look angry or menacing?

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