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4,000 blog entries!

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I guess that's what happens when you blog continuously since 2006. Actually, this is blog entry #4,003. I was waiting for #4,000, but it snuck by me. Hm. Auto spell is underlining the word "snuck". It's in the Scrabble dictionary, though.


Anyway, I went to bed at 3 a.m. and slept all day. I woke up at 4 p.m. I intended to not do that, but I was so sleeeeepy, so I had to go back to sleep because I couldn't force myself out of bed. So after I forced myself up at 4 p.m., I went to work on the banana sprite someone sent me. It's animated. Well, I had to code the animation part, but it's there. I think I may have to "fine-tune" it a little, but it took about a couple hours for it to actually animate itself the way I wanted it to.


The banana is angry, so it has a black cloud above it. It jumps up and down, so it's fairly simple animation (that took 2 hours). So now that I'm up and fully awake and all, it's 7 p.m. here. Yesterday was pretty uneventful, such as all the days have become here. Because the government forces people to stay home for no good reason.

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