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Semester is Over

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Ohhh... finally! The semester is over. My final paper for the semester has finally been turned in... 2 days and 30min late... but it is in.


And I never want to take another class ever again... at least not a class that is taught online, but is supposed to be in a classroom.


I'm so sick of being stuck at home.


That said, the semester is over, my 2600 "testcart" cartridge arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'm ready to continue development.


All the chips are on the breadboards, 4 x 5200 cables are wired up to the boards. 2 x 5200 to 2600 cables created.


I've only wired up two controller ports worth of chips for now as it takes forever to wire the boards, and I want to make sure that the two port version is working on the 7800 before I pull my 4-port 5200 out of storage.


But I have a great new game to test all 4 ports of the 5200 once I'm ready, and a great new game to test the 7800 features of the controller as well.


I was so happy to see a 7800 Baby Pacman in the AtariAge store have not having visited AA for so long. I loved the arcade BP when I was a teen, though I was never any good at it, especially the pinball part.




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