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Frank the fruit fly: Fireplace

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So while Frank is in this house, he discovers the fireplace.


I tried to make the fire flicker, like it was when I was attempting to display it, but to no avail. I finally got to sleep even though it felt like there was something in my eye. It still feels that way. Anyway, before I went to sleep, I was working on this even though I was really sleepy. So if Frank moves to the right side of the screen, you'll find that it won't automatically move to the next screen. So how do you clear it? You have to go into the fireplace while avoiding the flames that turn on and off. And you go up into the chimney until the screen switches. But since I haven't made the next screen yet, it will just go to the title screen.


I worked on this after a long time trying to fix the hamburgers game which is broken. I doubt I'll ever make it work again, so I'm quitting. But I will never give up on Frank the Fruit Fly. I've spent 18 months on it, so if I ever get to a seemingly impossible place, I'll have to ask for help. The problem with this game though is that the code is 14,867 lines long. And I'm only half way done with it.

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