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MidSpace update (part 2)

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I found out that if I left the missile in and you shot the enemy and a new one came from the other direction, the missile would switch directions. So I had to take that out. Now it's back to disappearing once the enemy gets shot. I did a lot more bug fixing and stuff and I think I have just about completed it. I had to set the # of lives you start with to 3 (it was dependent on other code.) I have to group things together to save on bytes because I only have 1 byte left. Even though I had to get rid of the missile problem, I did improve some things.

  • screen does not go crazy on startup. This one is important to me. The reason it was was because I hadn't set the overscan number and do the overscan code at the start.
  • got rid of a nasty bug that had the game sometimes do a missile shot sound when there was no missile shot. This was due to a variable's value not being set correctly.
  • Went through the code and cleaned it up, removing commented out code and unneeded spaces. I removed about 180 lines, most of them spaces with nothing in them.

I think Al has me on ignore, so I think I'll have to look for another person to release this for me. If no one steps up, I'll just do a limited release of 9.

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