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Attack of the Wuzzles!

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I was looking through the special section of last Sunday's paper. Our local newspaper is owned by USA Today for some reason. Sometimes we get these special sections filled with puzzles. I came across these things called "wuzzles." I googled it and sure enough, it is a thing. I think it's a portmanteau for "word puzzles." I mean, how else could you get the name wuzzle? Anyway, a loooong time ago (like when I was a kid), I remember starting this book of some, but I didn't know what they were called. Eventually the papers and idea were lost to time. So I started a new book.


The original plan was to come up with 1,001 of them by Christmas then put them in a book and give them as Christmas presents. Until I did the math and that if there were 12 on one page, the book would be 83 pages (not including the answers section), way too big to staple. Anyway, for some examples of "wuzzles" I've done, you can see the pdf of the book I started here. I swear there's something weird going on with my website. I eventually got that Jaguar game downloaded, but not the assets file. Every time I try to put it on the website and then download and then open it on my computer, it says there's something wrong with the zip file's name. Which is really odd. But my wuzzles thing works. Which is really odd.


I have an idea for the cover art of my book. Which, if I ever get all 83 pages done, is a cartoon guy under a bunch of wuzzles against a white background. The plan is to do this in black & white, which meant I had to omit one of my wuzzles (I). Last night I was laying in bed and ideas for some popped into my head, but I didn't want to get a paper to write them up, and I thought I would remember them today. It took a while, but I did remember them. I think I'll start putting a paper and pencil next to my bed. I always want to be up, active, doing things, so it's hard to shut my mind off and go to sleep. But once I fall asleep, I stay sleeping for 12-13 hours. Like last night, I fell asleep at 7 p.m. and woke up at 8 a.m.

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