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Hamburgers fixed.

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Bad news: We have to replace the "dinosaur" ac/furnace.

Good news: I spent some time trying to fix my Game Gear game "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland 2", and I think I fixed it.


I forgot what the problems were, but after fiddling with the code and running it, I got rid of the problems up until the boss part. If you died at the boss part, it made the 'boss got hit' noise when the action resumed. So a bit more fiddling with the code fixed that. I think the problems were with the sound effects. So I made a new 'milkshake shoots out onion ring' noise. So now I can continue programming the game like I wanted to. Next up is trying to think of an idea for where level 5 can take place. I e-mailed the people who made the first one how the sales were doing, but they never answered me. Oh well, at least I have a copy.


Other than that, it hasn't been a very interesting weekend. I went to the video game store yesterday. They were open. It said masks were recommended but not required. I hate masks. It seems like putting one on doesn't really help. You'd think the stupid germs would go right through anyway if they really wanted to. Plus, it seems kind of silly to stay 6 feet away from people if we didn't have to do that before and hardly anyone got a flu. So why now?

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Because the virus is much more contagious than a flu. It is transferred by air droplet and enters into your lungs as an entry point.  Very dangerous virus.

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