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As amazing as 7-Up is, I decided to get rid of it and it was time for a change. But to what? Why, watermelons, of course. Why watermelons? About a year ago, I started composing a song about watermelons. I quit on November 19. And then I got sidetracked with another musical project. Mind you, I just do these for something to do, just biding my time, waiting until I die. I got about 30 minutes into the watermelon song called "Watermelon Surprise (part 1)" and quit. New Years Day I started what I hoped to be a grand piece in the vein of King Crimson's "Lizard", I got about an hour into it.


But it wasn't clicking the way my watermelon song was. It felt like busy work and not much fun. I was having fun with my watermelon project. At least watermelons have something funny about them. So I jumped back into the watermelon song yesterday and composed about 6 minutes' worth of music and now it's 40 minutes long. My goal is 160 minutes, so I'm 1/4 of the way done. And it is fun thinking of lyrics about watermelons to go along with my music I write. Most of it is about how good they are. It's fun thinking up of weird key changes and time. About half of the music I did yesterday and today is in 3/4 time. It goes from one sharp, then moves to two sharps, and finally three sharps.


I mentioned lyrics. What I do is play the newest part of my MIDI and sing the lyrics. It's sort of like karaoke only I am using my audio recorder. Then I take my audio of me singing, put it in Audacity and record the MIDI I just played. Then I have a nice part (today I did part 19) and I paste it to the long Audacity project and hit convert to MP3 (I do this when I add a part so if my computer dies, I won't have to do some parts over.) Then I put the huge MP3 file and MIDI file on my SD card for backup, again, in case my computer dies. The MIDI has 8 instruments. I pick and choose when and where which ones play. I like being in control of music, instead of doing MIDIs of other people's songs, unless I have sheet music for it.


So eat some watermelons and wash that down with some 7-Up.


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160 minutes of continuous music?! I have a hard time coming up with 3 minutes at a time. You could think Pink Floyd and do a concept album with 10 songs being 5-10 minutes each, different aspects of the watermelon.

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