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Burger trouble

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So last night I tried my game on a real Game Gear. It had some weird graphical glitches when you died. I was able to fix that by turning the screen off. Then, all of a sudden, I had a bunch of weird problems pop up. I had discovered why I quit working on it. Stuff just wasn't working right. I started work at about 10:30pm last night. Into the night I worked on the game. Sometimes I thought I had fixed something when it happened again. I tried tons of different code patterns trying to fix a myriad of problems.


And then, finally, at about 3am, I think I have solved each and every one of the problems I was having. I had to make a new explosion noise for shooting a milkshake. And sometimes it won't play if the next milkshake has just shot an onion ring, but that's to be expected since both sound effects are on the same channel, so I'm not going to worry about it. So then I went to sleep. I keep having to switch between pillows. I thought my MyPillow was flat, so I switched it to my other MyPillow. Then, while I was making that one flat, the other one puffed up again. So now I'm using that one.


I woke up at 1pm. Now I'm going to change the channel the explosion is on to channel 2 so it won't be as noticeable. Wish me luck. :roll:


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