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Yesterday was not fun

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Well, we finally got the new ac/furnace installed yesterday. Most of my waking hours were spent cooped up in my room with the dog working on the computer and listening to the jazz station on TV. The jazz station has its flaws, for example, I keep noticing songs that seem that they just played the day before. But oh well. They arrived at 8am and after working all day, left at about 5pm. As a result, I don't know how to work the thing. I thought turning it to heat or cold and turning a knob (like the old one) was pretty simple. But oh no. This thing has a computer screen (of course it does.)


I spent a few hours trying to work on a 10-line game for the Atari 800 (Altirra) when I discovered something. One line can only have 2 if statements. If I put in a third, it ignores it. Well, kaboom goes my idea then.


I'd like to work on the Hamburgers game for the Game Gear but haven't found any motivation. I've been working on MidSpace trying to iron out all the bugs before I can call it "finished." It is very difficult to keep it in 2k, but I've managed to do so somehow, even after bug fix after bug fix. I don't know, I just seem tired a lot. I've been sleeping for about 13 hours or more a night. Going to bed at about 7pm and waking up at around 8am or so. I've noticed I tend to think about stuff while I am sleeping. I guess I get really bored just laying there, so instead of dreaming, I think. And then 13 hours later, voila, I'm awake.

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