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Cherries Redux

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I decided to work on my craig the cranberry game for the Virtual Boy, this after I started a new project (like I didn't have enough already.) But I don't know whether I should continue my Tempest-like shooter or not because of this. These games have been worked on within the last month or so:

  1. MidSpace (Atari 2600) - although this one's done
  2. HERTS2 (Game Gear)
  3. Quest of the Cranberry (channel F)
  4. Craig the Cranberry (Virtual Boy)
  5. Tempest-like shooter (INTV)

I can't juggle 4 games at once. So something has to go. Anyway, most of the work in the Craig game today involved those darn cherries. I finally thought of a way to make it work: Have the cherries not move left and right and instead, and like before, Craig has to maneuver through them without getting hit. The cherries will be still. And, of course they can jump. And I redesigned them as well.


And I redesigned the strawberry and item box as well. So that's what I've been doing lately. That and gaining weight. I don't know why or how, but I suddenly gained a few pounds, but I look the same. I thought that quitting eating ice cream would help, but it hasn't so far. Normally I wouldn't care, but since other people care (like my mom and my doctor) I guess I have to, too. Which sucks because not caring is easier. You can say that about anything.


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