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Nice things are bad.

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So I put in a box in the game. It was working fine. Until I tested it on a real VB. Turns out the box logic was not working correctly at all on a real Virtual Boy and yet it worked fine in emulation. So I took the box out. The item block is still in the game because it works fine, this box was on the ground. I may not work on this anymore. Cause: lack of ideas. I may try to elevate the ground and make a hill, but I doubt I can get it working if I can't even make it so the cranberry stops at a box.


I went to the game store. First time I wore a mask. It was hard to breathe while wearing it. I don't know why people do that. I think it's stupid. How could that actually help anything? Oh well. I bought Mario's Tennis for the VB. It's always nice to have an extra VB cartridge for a homebrew, or, in my case, 4. No Virtual Boy in sight at the store, so I don't know why it was there.

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