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in the market for a new car

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[#046] spent the whole day at three different car dealerships with my dad, looking for a newish used SUV to replace my 2005 Saturn. i learned quickly from the first lot i went to that the listings on Carfax aren't up to date. the vehicle (2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus) i went to check out had been sold a week ago. wasn't their fault; the dealerships don't remove the listings, but rather submit them as Sold to the, uh, Carfax people.


prior to my current obsession with JCL+, i did a lot of research on the Nissan Rouge and know the differences between the S, SV, and SL trims. i knew i wanted either a Rogue SL or a Cherokee L+


jesus it's 4am... long story short, the Nissan people were very pushy with making a sale when i told them repeatedly that i needed the monthly note no higher than a certain amount. they would disappear and come back, and magically somehow have the quoted note drop by increments but nowhere near where i needed it. after like the fifth time i got anxiety. and in so many words said fuck this i'm out. ...kinda like what i'm gonna do with this blog entry right now.

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