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Out of the chimney.

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Last time we left Frank the Fruit Fly, he was in a chimney. The only way out was to go up into the top and out the hole. I made a screen for what happens after he does that.


We discover flies flying up into the sky. They just won't stop. Luckily there is a space between the flies so Frank won't get too harmed by them. I discovered Frank always gets harmed when moving to the right when I have it like this. The flies' speed makes that happen. But if you are a good player at the game, it will only be by 2-3 points. This is the end of level 5 after all. And, fortunately the way I programmed does not allow you to go back in the chimney. If you press down, you'll just fly in front of it.


This is the end of level 5. Next time I will work on this, I'll set up stuff for level 6, which, if level 5 is any clue, won't be much fun. I tried Colecovision programming last night, but I gave up. I was trying to do it in assembly, but since I have no idea what's going on in the code, I think it's best that I not do it any more.


What's also annoying is eBay sellers with a Make offer option and if you attempt to make a reasonable one, they counter with an offer that's only $1 less than what the original price is. $1 doesn't get you anything! Scum like this are stupid. Very stupid. Harslij is a word I just made up that means "an infinite amount of 'very's." Scum like this are harslij stupid.

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