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Ghost Chamber (2009, PC Game) Revisited

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[#047] for the record, i wrote up this blog last night and something happened with my browser so i lost the whole thing. typing it all up again here..


Alright, so a blog or two ago I mentioned that a Qbasic game I had programmed wouldn't compile into a stand-alone EXE file correctly. I couldn't remember exactly what the error was so I tried to compile it once more to refresh my memory. The win condition was what was causing trouble; it was way too long, so i segmented it down to several smaller lines of code and it worked flawlessly. i was then able to compile.


I didn't realize how old this game was; from 2009. I have NOT BEATEN this game ONCE in ELEVEN YEARS. Last night, I added a cheat mode to the game. You can toggle it on/off with the tab key while on the title screen. Aptly named the "Lowlife Cheat Mode", you gain the ability of being invulnerable to the ghosts, but at a cost. In the original game, you start off with 1999 Life Points (or moves), but that is reduced down to 150 moves in this new mode. Naturally, you die and the game ends when it decreases down to zero. This new mode completely changes the strategy of how the game is played. When you start a game, you have to figure out what is the most direct path to push all the nine statues together. Which one you start with and which one you end with will either make it or break it. 


I've won more times than not in this new mode, and I kind of want to reduce the starting Life Points to 125, but it is what it is. Below are screenshots of the game and the EXE file.


The game is compatible with older machines or anything that can run DOSBox. Won't work in native Windows 8/10 or native Mac/Linux.



GHOST CHAMBER - bomberpunk entertainment 2009/2020

The objective is to push all nine statues into each other using the Arrow Keys. Every move you make depletes a Life Point. Every move you make that moves a statue will send the ghosts chasing towards you. Otherwise they just roam around aimlessly. Press the Spacebar at the title screen to start a new game. Press ESC to quit.


GC1.thumb.jpg.1b6bcf29a282f8bd546e6d5d0c1d16d8.jpg title screen

GC2.thumb.jpg.082f7fb2a7ca9fd94d2188d4f473d6cf.jpg game screen


let me know what you think. oh, and if you can actually beat the original game send me a screenshot so i can cuss you out! lol

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