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Level 6

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Yesterday I began working on the level intro to level 6 of Frank the Fruit Fly. It was more work than normal. Since there are 32k code divisions, I have been just reentering bits of code used by each level and just changing the labels to say "level_6" instead of "level_5". It seems to be working out good. So I'll continue doing that. While working on this, I hit a milestone. Well, sort of. I wanted to know if anything would change once it reached 128k. So I called one screen in two different labels, thus making the ROM 129k. I figure once I made the proper screen for Frank to start at, it would be 129k anyway. It looked and played great. I even enhanced it so the garbled screen that comes up for a split second doesn't show up. I made it display an all white screen for that time, thus ending the mess.




The "khkgcc" you see is that level's password. I made it display regardless of whether you used the password to get there or not. It was just easier. I had trouble making the password screen go to level 6 if you entered that password, but I eventually made it work. The password system works this way: first it checks for level 1. If a letter is out of place, then I skip to checking level 2. And so on. But it does this really fast so you don't notice it. If the code gets past checking level 6, then the password blanks and you're forced to enter another one. (Or you could just exit the password screen and start on level 1.) I even have an idea for the first screen of level 6. I want to take a break from this, so I guess I'll write my idea down. I'll make a uniform idea sheet for the game, so whenever I have an idea, I can just print one and fill it out. That will be interesting.


I went to bed at about 11 p.m. I woke up at 12 p.m. I have been sleeping a whole lot lately. Even when I woke up at noon, I had to force myself up because I was so sleepy even though I had just slept for 13 hours. I am still sleepy here at a quarter after 1 p.m. and feel as if my head hit the pillow, I could sleep the rest of my life away. But I don't want to do that.

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