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Cruizin' FFT - The Hidden Room (Level 6) - July 2020



In 2012 Jeremiahjt was looking at the 6th level map file from Fractured Furry Tales (shown below) and noticed there was a mystery room to the upper right.   Many started to wonder the mystery of what was in this strange room.   While a warp door could get you to the upper room in the middle, no gate was found to get to the mystery room.


(I want to add, game producer Faran Thomason was asked about the room and was equally puzzled.)  :P




On the map above you can see a group of clouds that lead to the mystery room.  Which Jeremiahjt leapt from one to the other with a skill that even Doctor Clu admits is beyond him.   It is shown in this video...



And as the video concludes, you see there is a bouncing ball item in the room.


Eight years later Doctor Clu got into the room... by a glitch.  :D


The way it worked was sometimes when you get to the top of the first tower and with invincibility shirt active, and run till the roofline ends and jump off the towers to the left when you float down you go straight through the floor.   Bubsy actually goes off the map, but you can move the controller and see the game screen.   If you go to the right there is opening in the "floor" where the castle has a moat.  Get Bubsy to that point and push upwards.  Without Bubsy appearing the game screen will shoot up to the top of the map.   Go right again till you are over the mystery room.  Wait.  Eventually the glitch ends and you "fall through the ceiling" and back onto the map.  When this happens, you fall into the room, or at least that is what happened below.  As best that can be told from the video below, you can pass through the ceiling and into the room.   


Below illustrates the path to get there.




When you do there are five extra lives and other various objects.   There is no way to leave the room so you wait for the timer to expire, and you come back where the last marker point was.  So you loose a life but gain four others, and points for the other items. 


Below is a mosaic of snap shots taken while in the room and the objects that were there....




And here is a video I took after collecting all the objects and finding that, as suspected, the door leaving the room did not work.



Give it a try, see if you can find the mystery room!


And until then, hope you enjoy this SOLVED BUBSY MYSTERY!  - Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog


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