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Another return of burgers

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I decided to work today on Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland 2, my sequel game for the Game Gear. A few nights ago, I had an idea for a level: Why not at a fast-food restaurant?


I also discovered I needed to make the lowest milkshake level possible a bit lower. One can just go to the bottom and sit there without anything hitting you. Of course, you'll never pass the level and you certainly won't get any points for doing so, But in the interest of making a good game, I'll lower it...once I'm done testing things. I had a little problem I ran into with the vanilla milkshakes that was due to me testing the nuggets, but I think I fixed it. This is in front of a fast-food joint called "Burger Palace." I guess it would be where burger king lives? This is a lot simpler than the other drawings which are based on real pictures, but if I made a picture of a real fast-food joint, then it would be a real existing one. So I drew one.


So in this level, level 5, the last one with strawberry milkshakes (the ones that don't shoot), has an increased chance of running into a vanilla milkshake (the ones that do shoot). In level 6, I'll ditch the strawberry ones, and in level 7, I'll also ditch the chocolate milkshakes (the ones that can but not necessarily will shoot), so it will be all vanilla milkshakes. And the ending, which will differ from the original one. I hope I can keep the boss fights in. I have 37,516 bytes left before I'd need to change the game into a 2MB game (something I don't want and don't know how to do), which means the game so far used 93,556 bytes.


What I need to do is compose level 5 music and boss fight, add in level 6 background, music, and boss fight, add in level 7 background, music, and boss fight, and ending background and music. The thundershirt thing we didn't do because the car's battery died. So tomorrow I'll do nothing special, just hearing loud booms all night and having a scared dog.

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