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5. References from Bubsy Pilot

Bubsy 2 (1994) 

In this game, they used Arnold Armadillo, Terry and Teresa, Virgil, Buzz and Sid. However, they didn't use Ally nor Oblivia. Where we're they used? Let's check every character.


Let's start with Arnold. He isn't playable in the main game. However, he has his own minigame. His minigame is, he is stuck in the truck and he needs to get out of there. But you don't control him, instead you're controlling fans in the truck. You can get 1 live shirt and get the score from the time, if you go safely.

If you want to get out safely, you have to push the button before you go, then it opens and you can get out safely. But if you don't do it, then you can only get out from the big wheels. When you do it, he gets squashed and you don't get the score from a time. This is referenced, that Arnold is scared of trucks. He's also in a comic.

bubsy-ii-gasket.png.9b0fc3476e25a40c21fe1aa1d59fb1d8.png  54e6rz.thumb.png.c0c5737b353fb4ab0453a128365ba099.png  oRGEgDK.png.949b2d5f4d796df6d178816c7ffa9084.png    


Terry and Teresa are also in the comic. However, they're also playable characters in the main game. But they're only playable, if you chose the 2 player option. Not only you can choose the 2 player option, you can also choose between "2 player friends" and "2 player feisty."                                                                                                        

"2 player friends" will the second player help you out by throwing bananas at the enemies, while  "2 player feisty" will the second player annoy you and throw you bananas, so that you get slipped.

 884449699_2playerfriends.png.106b1853289b815913e1fb784c151db9.png  105989485_2playerfeisty.png.7670f2e1986e063cfc1e3611225e7b75.png  Terryy.jpg.9c816baa92d9aa603ac88ae4c0ee8db4.jpg


Virgil is not in the game, he is only in the comic.



Buzz and Sid are the enemies in this game (of course). They appear in every level. Buzz flies while he has Sid on his claws. When he sees you, he drops Sid (like a bomb, a diving bomb, if you will). This is referenced from the scene, when Buzz drops Sid from the sky to get the virtual reality helmet. But they don't appear in the comic.

bubsy-2-19.png.f370b481bf8b94be655be88c3e3bfc68.png fyf.png.a2194d16a163c1bc788bdd7a44fd105d.png



Bubsy: Paws on Fire! (2019) 

And then they we're never used again until in 2019, when they brought them again, except Buzz and Sid and still no Ally nor Oblivia. The game is called »Bubsy: Paws on Fire!«

Bubsy, Virgil and a new character named Woolie are the only playable characters.


Terry and Teresa are just in cut scenes and you can see them, when you go on a shop.

Bubsy-PoF_02-04-19.jpg.4cb89b791d9a8580fc6bc03ff4265a1b.jpg   Bubsy-Paws-on-Fire-The-Shop.jpg.6bc1d93513a5dd36e30d8a066442077f.jpg


Arnold has his own minigame again. This time, he's in the tunnel and you need to collect 150 green rubies. No truck reference this time.



They also used some references, such as Virgil is wearing the Virtual Reality Helmet.




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I Dont think terry is playable in bubsy 2, whenever i chose two player the second player is teresa. and i have never seen footage of terry being playable. 

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