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Raindrops keep falling on my cranberry

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Working on Quest of the Cranberry for the Channel F again. I had to change an important aspect of the game: The way the raindrops fall. Discovered that raindrops falling off screen are bad. So instead of them falling slanted, to make it easier on myself, I made them fall straight down. This way I could control the x position of each raindrop better. I also made the raindrops' x positions random instead of in a pattern. Well, as random as the Channel F (and my programming skills) can get. And since the rain wasn't falling slanted, I changed the shape of the raindrop. My ideal shape was apparently too big, so I had to make it a 5x5 shape instead of 5x6 like I wanted it to. This is the result:


Which looks more like the bottle Jeannie came out of in "I Dream of Jeannie" than a raindrop, but oh well. I have been sleeping a lot more than I have. I usually sleep for about 14 hours. I want to sleep less, but I can't help it. I figure if I didn't need that extra sleep, I would wake up earlier. I can't imagine sleeping only 8 hours a day. But at this rate, I'm asleep more than I am awake. Right now it's almost midnight.


What was the problem with the raindrop spawning off the screen? Any time you have a sprite off the visible screen on the Channel F, if you reset the screen, it makes the y area where the sprite is a different color (in this case a lighter green than the one shown here). And since I'm changing the screen to white later on (a snowstorm hit suddenly), it meant that part of the screen was not white, but that lighter shade of green. I also added sfx (Channel F beeps and boops that I taught myself how to do. As it turns out, you need to add a "pi Delay" as well.) So i think that it's okay now. So that's what I've been up to (while I was awake, anyway.)

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