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Trimerous (Channel F) update - 7/8/2020



There will be 2 dozen copies for sale. You'll get a Trimerous cartridge complete with lovely labels and instruction booklet in a lovely box. It's not ready yet. I will make a for sale thread for the game in the Marketplace forum when I am ready. I don't know when I will be ready. It may be a couple weeks or a couple months. Anyway, I want to thank e5frog for making all this possible. This isn't possible without him.


I actually woke up at a sane time (4 a.m.) It took some effort to stay in bed and stay asleep since I went to bed at about 1 p.m. I wanted to live like a normal person and be awake during the day. Took a few hour long nap at about 8 though. Woke up at ten. I was really sleepy and didn't intend to fall asleep. So here it is, noon, and I'm not asleep. Which is good.


I'll get back to work on the Channel F game I'm working on (Quest of the Cranberry) as soon as I get an idea. I spent a lot of time improving what I had. So I think it's all good and bug-free now. What I'm aiming for is a "Frank the Fruit Fly"-type game, only for the Channel F.

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