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Fun with Colecovision

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So I took my Colecovision out of the garage. I found the games, and eventually the power cord (it was hiding from me), so I plugged it in and tested it. The lines came back. A whole bunch of rubbing alcohol was used near the power switch. Next was the troubling fact that there was no sound. I jiggled the cable going to the TV. The problem was that it wasn't plugged in far enough. But I plugged it in as far as it can go, and I don't want to sit there holding the cable. Eventually I got sound from the machine without doing that. Every time the sound went away, I put in Keystone Kapers and that brought back the sound. How weird is that?


A few days ago, I finally got the fish in my Colecovision "demo" working. I want to make it a complete game. What I have in mind is adding a saw to saw the cods as they appear. I want to add stuff like lobsters that when touched hurt the saw. So it's like the fly-swatting game in Mario Paint. But for now, all I have is a fish (silently) moving in a circle around the screen.


I want to work on this. I want to like Colecovision programming. But using C in various consoles I've programmed for tends to make me miss features. Like batari Basic. It's great, but it won't let you do certain stuff because it's a BASIC language and not ASM. I'm tired as all get out and I've been choking on foods I don't usually choke on. I've been sleeping for like 15 hours a day.


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