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How Many Ports of Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (1993) Exist?

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Busby the Bobcat


Bubsy was made in 1993 with his first game called "Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind" which the title is play on words in reference to a movie called "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977).

When it was released, he was popular and became the best new character in 1993. In fact, he was so popular, he had many merchandise, competitions and commercials.

The game also got many releases and ports. Some of them you know, some of them are new. So let's check them out.


1.) Releases

First it was released on Super Nintendo in May 8th, 1993. 

15169.thumb.jpg.a6e7daed145322df10ff27a8b9831bb5.jpg   121c2597-2cc8-45c8-945f-6e1d988d0e86.png.b2e3303e52b81b398019bff8f6679766.png


Later, it was released on Super Famicon

9cd80de4-3165-43cc-b188-c53cb8c6dc6e.thumb.jpg.23a3eb8fa0c5527df880d72451fd67a3.jpg   a6be4453-d70f-483f-af3c-024611b6e15a.jpg.c5eab10054ff56ee7c66a10dd2682344.jpg                                  



The next release was on Sega Mega Drive later in 1993.  

It has an interesting box art.                                                                                                                                                                                            1e1e1a1d-7736-492b-90de-9179eda7f07e.thumb.png.731a6fe58bd2417427e4cf01ffb54f02.png    bubsyinclawsencountersofthefurredkind-1000x625w.thumb.jpg.969197a84cd44851311bd45ed45b8881.jpg   5b406360-6ffc-4b3c-87fa-d4897427743b.thumb.png.66d1a5f07eedf673fff2903aaa9d46f0.png


Some of them have the gold sticker typed "Watch for My TV Special Thanksgiving weekend" with Postcard from Bubsy.

large.gallery_8751_4_226680.png.47ad93a75efda7f7de64418b576ec1f9.png.810d52bcbaf5dddab90e913b827d8c6a.png    large.gallery_8751_4_72598.png.c9133e9705c8c463c1519cdf4e92514a.png.e45e76228ce606c8667c4183f1c9a2b2.png

It talks about Watch'N Win contest. Do you want to know, what happened to the contest? I actually wrote about it. It has an interesting story. Here's the link: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16787-8-bubsys-watchn-win-contest/


Some of them don't have the postcard, but they still have the gold sticker.                                                                                                                                  



And some of them don't have both of them and they just have game cartridge and manual.



It has an interesting backstory. Basically, Accolade tried to save money for a release on Sega Genesis and decided to reverse enginer Sega's cartridge copyright protection.

If they released on the actual Sega Genesis, they would needed to pay 10$ fee on every game cartridge and have to release exclusively on Sega platforms.


There was the legal battle between Sega and Accolade. However, Accolade won and it was fair use for two reasons:

1. Accolade wrote a lot of their own code

2. Bubsy and Accolade's other Genesis games were multi-platform.



This version is also different than the Super Nintendo version, such as the music, the sprites and the Bubsy's voice quality.



Did you know?

Two copies of it for Sega Megadrive we're one of the big prizes of the FOX 53's kids club gaming show called: Answer & Win.

Here's more info: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16786-7-answer-win/

sdaf.png.e963cedb552d9eb8f35bb0d1bc8302fc.png  fcf.png.a0e5605cba43607bec3d1d907e127726.png




In May 1997, Accolade made a remake of it, released it and called it "Super Bubsy"   

It was developed by ATI and it was distributed by EA. It was released on Windows 95.



The sprites on this one are more detailed, it has a higher resolution and the music is MIDI. 

yxaft6.thumb.png.3d09d50ffdd591efb5900ea45ce7409c.png   rrger.png.20509a1a2b4c6d0832a271b108eaa84e.png

It also features a fully voiced narrator and the whole Bubsy TV Pilot, which this is where we found it.

This game also has the difficulty option. So if you want to play it easier, then this is for you. Too bad, that this game is one of the rarest PC games to find.





2.) Re-Releases 

The first re-release was made in Japan in 1993 and called it "Yamaneko Bubsy no Daibouken" or "Bubsy the Bobcat’s Great Adventure"

Bubsy   H4fb9123f495b4d8591feecd459f3e2109.thumb.jpg.8f23f0ee612bbc365e9faead112bff67.jpg

It was developed by Poppo and published by Pack-In-Video on Super Famicon.

What's interesting is that all the level passwords formed the first 114 digits of PI.


There's not much of a difference except his quotes. He doesn't say the same quotes as the official Bubsy says. A guy named Clyde Mandelin posted a blog »How they translated Bubsy into Japanese?« which he explains what Bubsy says in the Japanese version.

(Here's the link of his blog: https://legendsoflocalization.com/how-they-translated-bubsy-into-japanese/)


  • In level 1, he says "dō tte koto nē yo" which means »It's no big deal.«
  • In level 2, he says "yana yokan" which means »I have a bad feeling about this.«
  • In level 3, he says "makasetoke tte" which means »Just leave it to me.« 
  • In level 4, he says "bibiru na yo" which means »Don’t wimp out now!« 
  • In level 5, he says "rettsu getto redi" which means »Let's get ready.« 
  • In level 6, he says "osore deshō" which means »Don't you mean "fear"?«       
  • In level 7, he says "bakyūn!" which means »Kapow!«
  • In level 8, he says "kega suru ze ore wa" which means »Someone's gonna get hurt! Me.«
  • In level 9, he says "kītenai yo" which means »No one told me about this!«
  • In level 10, he says "kītenai yo" which means »No one told me about this!«
  • In level 11, he says "sutanto neko o tsukatte" which means »Use a stunt cat.« 
  • In level 12, he says "dokutā sutoppu" which means »My doctor told me I can't do this.«
  • In level 13, he says "yaterarenai yo" which means »I can't do this anymore.«
  • In level 14, he says "shō ga nē na" which means »I guess it can’t be helped.«
  • In level 15, he says "kyūkyūsha yonde" which means »Call an ambulance.«
  • In level 16, we have no idea, what he says.



There was also a Japanese version of it for Sega Mega Drive, that was made by Serega and again published by Pack-In-Video.


(Source: https://warosu.org/vr/thread/3603904)



Besides that, there are many re-releases of Bubsy 1 for Sega Megadrive.

Here's the average Mega Drive box art. Tho it has a different cartridge.

  d049b4fe-354b-485f-9849-e057ea249ab5.thumb.png.607e0cd9b1fd122d7eedb8cd9e673ce1.png   Bubsy-Megadrive-EUR.thumb.jpg.2780a23b520cefb0750be72439fb0085.jpg   a3cdf7be-f663-48e5-a35b-b6224398ff4c.thumb.png.1fbf15abbf675a19dfabe74a7252307d.png


Here's another one, with an interesting game manual.

bubsy-mega-a1.thumb.jpg.60f1533c28efaae0a4995d60801f662d.jpg    bubsy-mega-a2.thumb.jpg.e256573e5f64aa35881b26a45164ecc1.jpg


Here's another one with different cover.



Here's the UK version.

1577638676_Bubsy1(MegaDriveUK).thumb.png.e340b2f6240bdc1117ef2c641938202d.png  20200728_141732.thumb.jpg.12c7e384e630a2cc46c88ed23cd251c0.jpg


Here's 10 in 1 pack including Bubsy 1 and Bubsy 2.



Speaking of that, here's the  Telstar Double Value games featuring Sonic 2 and Bubsy 1 for Sega Megadrive. It was released in 1995. 

(source: https://www.gamespot.com/games/telstar-double-value-games-sonic-the-hedgehog-2/)



Here's another one featuring Bubsy 1 and Jewel Master. It was made in Australia by Sega OziSoft.                                                                                                                (Source: https://segaretro.org/Double_Pack:_Bubsy_and_Jewel_Master)

s-l400.jpg.6e8f6512d4788c3cd40a2f9fd39bf73c.jpg   Bubsy-Jewel-Master-Double-Pack-Mega-Drive.jpg.12fd4b1b139116b5170ed1189d078678.jpg       


They also re-released it with original box art, that has a sticker "Sega Classics" like the Double Pack one.



The Super Nintendo version was also re-released for sale and use in Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Finland and even in Iceland.

1.thumb.png.8852e9308b45fbfedad28de7e0fb5520.png   2.thumb.png.ab0ad15a61a6dcd6de539450db6fa2b7.png


Super Bubsy was also re-released.

For example, here's the 2 in 1 pack game featuring Super Bubsy and LollyPop (1999, Germany)

Or how about 2 in 1 pack game featuring Super Bubsy and Thunder Brigade. Both of them we're made for Windows 95 and 98.

561814-2-in-1-pack-super-bubsy-lollypop-windows-front-cover.thumb.jpg.5df078f6a7c7163415f7b605932870b4.jpg   51VYOZKAdzL._AC_.jpg.5326be304b6fc69539cc99747afd1c1b.jpg

(Sources: https://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/2-in-1-pack-super-bubsy-lollypophttps://picclick.de/Neu-OVP-PC-Spiel-2-In-1-142476318659.html)


Here's another re-release of it. It has a really great cover. 



But the most known re-release of it is called "Desert Fox Bubsy"


It was re-released after May, 1997 by WG Verlag & Lizenzen AG, a publisher company in Uzwill, Switzerland.

(Source: https://bubsy.fandom.com/wiki/Desert_Fox_Bubsy)



And finally on December 17th, 2015, Retroism published the game called "Bubsy Two-Fur" on Steam, which it's just an Emulator of Bubsy 1 (Super Nintendo version). It also features Bubsy 2. 




3.) Plug 'N Plays

Im sure there are many plug 'n plays that has Bubsy 1 out there, but we can only find one. It also includes Bubsy 2.


(click on picture to get its source)



4.) Bootlegs

There's the Russian bootleg of Bubsy 1 for Sega Mega Drive. 

There are a lot of versions:


One looks normal and official looking. 



The other ones look more like a bootleg and the boxes are smaller than the average Mega Drive box.

One of the covers we're used the Bubsy artwork from Bubsy 2 promotional art.

One cartridge has the official Bubsy 1 label. And the other one has.. a label of a photoshopped Bubsy behind this odd background from maybe a cover of cartoon movie? and it has a different title. It's titled "Bubsy Define Delays"... Yea..

blogentry-4709-0-71594600-1408021885_thumb.jpg.af59c26cf11f9c3b9f2707288786be1d.jpg   bubsy-the-bobcat.thumb.jpg.6fcf3b698f89066c91a4d7d1aeaf5d88.jpg


Here are other Russian bootlegs:

yxdsfg.png.d2928bf3cd415b4794b24738962df377.png   Bubsy.jpg.8ce8dea90a5348fac576dbcd3a029418.jpg 20200728_141826.thumb.jpg.a9c250d48e4eb0c0a3e2758cb95c98c8.jpg    yxvtrhzjtb.thumb.png.c83218c94588799d4a0e57f536aa724a.png


Here's a bit of footage of Russian version of Bubsy 1, that was recorded by DoctorClu (Time: 0:00 - 5:30)



This one is a Korean bootleg of Super Bubsy. It was made for Windows 98 and for Windows Me. It has an interesting character design of Bubsy, but I'm not sure, why is there a polar bear and a duck on the cover. 

tumblr_9014d5484f28a4d62ee26ac65ac97a2b_9badf9af_250.jpg.e8225eb67a3afc7b1b50fd099da2201a.jpg   1466693891__.thumb.jpg.61f83f1551b0e83376a3075ec5b3566c.jpg

The game is called "날아라 슈퍼법시" which according to the Google translator, it means "Fly Super Law". I don't think that it's called like that, but this is what translates to in any other translators. 

Maybe it's called "Fly away, Super Bubsy" because the sentences are "nal-ala syupeobeobsi" and it sounds familiar to "nal-ala super bubsy" and Bubsy's ability is gliding, which it counts as flying, I suppose. I don't know, that's just my theory.




So it got: 

  • 4 releases,
  • 16 re-releases
  • 1 Plug 'N Play and
  • 7 bootlegs.


It was released on:

  • Super Nintendo,
  • Super Famicon,
  • Sega Mega Drive,
  • Windows 95,
  • Windows 98/Me (from a Korean bootleg game) and on
  • Steam.


It was released in:

  • USA,
  • Europe,
  • Australia,
  • Japan,
  • South Korea and in
  • Russia.




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