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How Many Ports of Bubsy 2 (1994) Exist?

After the first Bubsy game came out in 1993, they made a sequel and simply called it Bubsy 2. This is the only title of a Bubsy game, that has no pun like all of his games are called.

The sequel wasn't successful and not many people liked this game. Even Michael Berlyn (the creator of Bubsy) hated Bubsy 2 and said, that it was a fail of his franchise.

Even tho' it was a lack of success, it still has many releases, but not as much as the first game got. So, let's check them out.



But before we do, let's talk about this game.

So in this game, you get a choice of West Wing and East Wing. In each wing, they have 3 difficulties a.k.a floors.


And each floor it has 5 levels. So in total, if you choose all the floors, it has 15 levels. If you choose this one, you get mini bosses twice.

Then when you finish the last floor, you fight the final boss. His name is Oinker P. Hammm.

sdfdsehrzj.thumb.png.a4f1350d2c2b9587b472b1cecfc8275e.png   zkjg.thumb.png.333570829cba59ff445b55a362249358.png

Of course you can choose the floor, so that you can only play one floor a.k.a 5 levels and get to the final boss already.


They also used characters from Bubsy TV Pilot, those are Arnold, Terry, Teresa, Buzz and Sid . I mean, they also used Virgil, but only for a comic.

If you want to know more about the use of characters, here's the link: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16784-5-references-from-bubsy-pilot/


Bubsy can use a bomb (which you can make enemies disappear on the screen), a black hole (which you can get out of the level) and a Nerf gun™. 

If you want to get those weapons, you need to collect Bubsy cards and pay for it.


This game also has 3 mini games, when you enter some random door. And of course you can play for points (which it's just normal) or play for time. For this one, you can play with the enemy on who goes faster. 




1.) Releases

In 1994, they released it on Super Nintendo and on Sega Genesis.

1ffc7bac-0050-4cd1-8a6a-8149949cc031.jpg.a10fa485e36406dde63b97d13fe743d7.jpg    a7cc083c-87fa-46e9-a4fa-960e1174916b.png.eccdd828ca3b4e4ee544ff448365ed27.png


7da6f471-af17-4293-8e75-6ad06659c62c.png.6460c829484901cd16fee52ce7621a77.png   fcc278bd-6da0-4481-8d99-6d9a646a5c1e.png.5305272f6643f9768903fcb4927ded62.png



Both versions have again same differences as the first Bubsy game, that is the music, the sprite and the Bubsy's voice quality.

They also have different ways to choose floors and wings. On the Genesis, when you press Start, you get to see both wings and floors and you can choose it easier. But on Super Nintendo, you press Start button, choose the floor, press Start again and then you finally choose the wing.


On the Genesis, when you go on a shop, they are expensive.



But on the Super Nintendo, it's more cheaper and you can also sell with weapons to get more cards.



Not only those differences, but they also have different frame rate. According to Digital Foundry's video about History of Bubsy series, the Genesis version is faster (with 47 frames/sec) than the Super Nintendo version (with 33 frames/sec).

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRvw04OA1i0&t)



Later it was released on Super Famicon and on Sega Mega Drive.

92d71832-2fce-4843-9914-7cc9b6c30a85.png.64030880bef29666fa29b7b2117682b6.png    ad783492-98d9-41b3-834b-3e3c7a1bb9c6.png.1c0b517fd2d4bdeaa3e08c35def7afc4.png


dbb2f577-5e66-45e0-a349-9c4dd12db4e4.png.87352aa8005f0c2e8e56483b592d63a7.png   543fe2ca-9dae-48ba-a0fd-466c9517803d.png.90bd9d4a22937b86147825201bd2403f.png


Did you know?

When they we're selling Bubsy 2 for Sega Megadrive, they put a sticker that said "Free T-Shirt with this game, while stocks last!" It was limited, so they did this for some short time.

If you want to know more about this, here's the link: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16787-8-bubsys-watchn-win-contest/




Then later in 1995, they released a Game Boy version of it. That's right!

1ded4afa-2723-42b1-acab-a10a348788ba.png.f6b62d6c19613a6c95b559b7f023abd7.png   49438764-50ff-40f4-b75a-1cd80a28aa9b.png.5ad62f27c2df5d6767206f2fd3970d69.png


Game Boy games had limitations, so this game is shorter. It still has three floors, but no wings to choose. It only has three levels, instead of five. It has two minigames, instead of three. 

New feature is that, Bubsy can throw pies. What's interesting is that, pie was supposed to be one of the Bubsy's weapons, but it never happened, until the Game Boy verison came out.



The first cover is from Europe, the other one is from USA.

0dc1ccb5-1cf8-46f8-b7e7-dac45053fa6b.jpg.d4d76619a40e6592a72d4c0e8cde905f.jpg   5636b5ef-ea9d-48fd-a717-437ef5a7ee4c.jpg.9ae639cb463ee7c1ac0a4e2bad48d80d.jpg



2.) Re-releases

It has 2 re-releases. One was re-released in Brasil by TEC TOY on Mega Drive.



There are many 25 in 1 packs, 10 in 1 packs....Specifically from Russia. First one also includes Bubsy 1.



And finally on December 17th, 2015, Retroism published the game called "Bubsy Two-Fur" on Steam, which it's just an Emulator of Bubsy 2. It also features Bubsy 1. 




3. Plug 'N Plays

There are many of them. Again, from Russia. They actually include Bubsy 2.  

 2009642158_Hamy5HDMIBubsy2(Russia).jpg.b6f1885ab8d577f413a285a1163e77c3.jpg 1637797411_Hamy5Bubsy2(RussiaNo.1).jpg.6e20de292c57163cd2ae33136791d7f1.jpg 467745189_Hamy5Bubsy2(RussiaNo.2).jpg.d8aed38759b3652604afdf0ed18b885a.jpg 1167285024_SegaMagistrXBubsy2(Russia).jpg.288ec12c7186c95880fe535d43b28aa1.jpg 1097605875_SegaSegaMagistrDrive2Bubsy2(Russia).jpg.27a214bf978567eec2e983adba017410.jpg1950149428_SegaSuperDrive2Bubsy2(RussiaNo.1).jpg.59a078cae92bf2353f04fbfb5f7ab57c.jpg 1127580883_SegaSuperDrive2Bubsy2(RussiaNo.2).jpg.721b662dd3eb2301d6557fba4f3004c3.jpg 1243469150_SegaTitan2400built-ingamesBubsy2(Russia).jpg.46d2395157b9afee6711ee3b70036f4d.jpg 343752558_SegaTitanBubsy2(RussiaNo.1).jpg.dff0199ab55f1c3d75f00d3a1553fb3b.jpgv503081462_SegaTitanBubsy2(RussiaNo.2).jpg.9b66ce1934cfee26597be039f5d7f416.jpg

One even includes Bubsy 1.


(Source: click on pictures)


4.) Bootlegs

There are Russian bootlegs, like the first game. And that is for Mega Drive.

Bootleg_BubsyII_MD_RU_Box_NewGame.thumb.jpg.76ec93632c40d556123b57316969f443.jpg     yadsfgfer.thumb.png.afd640ff4086bb522554db72fc51d20d.png 


yxdsferweg.thumb.png.cd6ceb940268eba25a10d854b079005d.png  yxdsfgvhz.png.d36bb89b845818125ccae5e36a072364.png       20200728_141912.jpg.41223a72af88a585f517c43094162e65.jpg


Here's a bit of footage of Russian version of Bubsy 2, that was recorded by DoctorClu (Time: 5:32 - 12:07)





So it got:

  • 5 releases,
  • 8 re-releases,
  • 11 Plug 'N Plays and
  • 4 bootlegs.


It was released on

  • Super Nintendo,
  • Sega Genesis,
  • Super Famicon,
  • Sega Megadrive,
  • Game Boy and on
  • Steam.


It was released in:

  • USA,
  • Europe,
  • Brasil and in
  • Russia.






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The second bubsy II gameboy supports super gameboy.


Looks like they added sgb and released it.

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