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Ok... I put a VCS on Pre-Order... Yeah, yeah, yeah...

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I decided to put a VCS on pre-order.


I'm not really a big video game player. I play games with my kids, mostly Minecraft, but other things too. It's good family time. As such, I've put an Amico on pre-order as well.


For myself, I really liked Red Dead Redemption 2, and I sometimes play Rocksmith 2014. That's what XBox is for.


But I'm more of a tinker-er, and I don't play a lot of games. I won't elaborate exactly what I'm going to do the VCS, because it would be a long blog post.


However, I'm going to tinker with it, and the MrBoehm... it's really more of an Atari trolling project I guess. But when I'm done, my VCS is going to have a working 2600 cartridge port.


This will be a one-off project when I have spare time, only for me, just so I can say "I'm play my actual 2600 carts on my VCS."


I won't be playing any emulator games on the VCS. But maybe the joke is on me.... "Ha ha! We got you to buy a VCS!"


My response is, "Maybe so, but 'Ha ha!' at least I'm not using Atari Token for gambling in your stupid Atari Casino."


Ok, maybe I'm just making up an excuse for buying one.

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