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Controller Types

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After doing some testing, and now understanding why I couldn't get my chatpad to work. I'm planning supporting the following devices on the MrBoehm. Or at least I will take a meaningful stab at all of these controller types.

  • Atari VCS (BT and USB)
    • Modern Controller - (sad, no chatpad support)
    • Classic Controller - I will go the extra mile & beg/borrow/steal to make this one work, as it's the one most care about.
  • Intellivision Amico
    • Amico Controller (BT) - I will probably go the extra mile and down a rabbit hole on this one as well, because I'd really like to have the Amico controller working for the classic INTV consoles.
  • Logitech
    • F710 Controller (Remote wireless USB)
    • F310 Controller (Wired USB)
  • Microsoft Consoles
    • Xbox Series X (BT only)
    • Xbox One S (BT only)
    • Xbox One - ChatPad (Remote wireless USB)
    • Xbox 360 (USB Wired and Remote wireless USB)
    • Xbox 360 - ChatPad (Remote wireless USB)
    • Original Xbox Controller (Wired with USB converter cable)
    • Original Xbox keyboard/mouse converter (Wired with USB converter cable)
  • Playstation Consoles
    • PS5 Controller (BT) - Once it is released
    • PS5 - ChatPad (BT) - Once it is released, I am assuming there will be one
    • PS4 Controller (BT)
    • PS4 - ChatPad (BT)
  • PC / Computer - Won't put much effort into this, assuming that this will just come along with chatpad support
    • General Keyboard (BT and USB, and anything with a USB converter cable)
    • General Mouse (BT and USB, and anything with a USB converter cable)


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