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So I was working on a song I was making. I got it all beautiful and stuff when suddenly my computer became unresponsive for a few seconds and then abruptly restarted. I had saved the last 45 minutes of my song, but the last 2 minutes weren't saved. I was so angry because it was so beautiful. So I had to redo it. It wasn't as beautiful as the last time I created something, but oh well. I hate my stupid computer.


And this morning I woke up and there was a huge spider, about a couple inches long not including its legs, just standing there on the ceiling. So I got out the feather duster and put it outside. But that wasn't all. We discovered a wasp nest near our front door. I tried to sweep it away. I tried poking it away with the other end of the broom. A few wasps came out, so I think there's more. So tomorrow we have to call Terminix. AND, on top of that, it was 100 degrees today. Luckily there is an a/c on, but really? 100?


That's why I'm in a bad mood.

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