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Bert's head (part 2)

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So I slept a lot yesterday. I went to sleep on the couch at about 11 a.m. Woke up at about 2 p.m. and moved myself to my bedroom. I didn't think I'd sleep a lot, but I slept a good 11 hours on my bed. Woke up at 1:30 a.m. After having a bizarre dream about going back to the video game store and buying something else and having the car disappear when I got out, I thought "I don't want to continue this nightmare," I woke up and went back to work on Bert's head. I made Bert's unibrow a pixel wider, changed his mouth so he smiles less, and lengthened his ears. This is the result:bert5.png.d9de45e8df00b82b9a32321f07659ef0.png

I thought for a while about what the game should actually be. At first I thought about having a pigeon fly and drop an item, either a paperclip or a bottlecap, which Bert must then put in the correct bin. Another idea I had was like the game Simon in which the player must mimic the moves Bert makes on screen. But that would be really hard to program Bert's moves (not to mention take up a lot of room to store Bert's motion graphics). So I think I'll go with my first idea.


The red bin on the left will have a picture of a paperclip on it. The blue bin on the right will have a picture of a bottlecap on it. Bert moves similar to how Big Bird moves in Egg Catch (with button presses), two buttons for left and right, and a third to drop the item (in the bin once Bert reaches one). Then a point would be added for each correct item placement.


So today (if I don't sleep), I am going to work on drawing the main screen of the game, where the action takes place. Due to the Atari 2600's limitations, Bert will be noseless. I'm not exactly sure how I can draw Bert, but I am definitely going to use the fact that a sprite can have more than one color. So that's what I'm doing.

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