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Where Bert frolics.

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Finally got the keypad working. So with the title screen done, it will probably not magically change any more. To start the game, press 1 on the Kid's controller. Unfortunately, it is impossible to test on a Harmony Cart because the Harmony Cart menu does not work with a keypad controller. Pressing the game select switch just has the cursor flickering between the first and second items. :mad:


(Perhaps) the final Bert design. I moved the nose one pixel up.

So anyway, this will be where the main game takes place:


This took at least a few hours to get (somewhat) what I wanted it to be. I was worried because I thought the bins since they were both PF that meant they had to be the same color. Not so! You'll notice Bert's legs are really tall. This is due to me not being able to draw the sprite when the bins are being made on the screen. Except for the shoes which I could control with my own GRP0 settings. But it's okay anyway because Bert is tall (well, taller than Ernie anyway.) Bert is sprite 0. A pigeon will be sprite 1. The pigeon will drop an item (either a red one or a blue one) and Bert will put it in the correct bin. Perhaps I should add a third, yellow bin in the middle to make the game challenging. I don't know.


The item the pigeon drops will probably be missile1. Since the Y position of the pigeon won't change, it would be easier to change the color of missile 1 (and player 1, which wouldn't have any graphics drawn to it so it won't matter.) I don't know what the ball could be. The sun perhaps? Or maybe I just won't use it.

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Will there be some timer or similar that determines for how long Bert will collect his items? In that case perhaps it could be illustrated as a sunrise and then the sun follows the screen until sunset at the other side. (how you'd use the ball)

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I'm not sure how to make the game end. I did put a yellow box in the middle and moved Bert's face up. I also made his eyebrow bushier.


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