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Swat those flies! (part 2)

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So apparently all this working on Game Boy games isn't yielding any feedback. Nevertheless, I continue. I added a way to get back some lives. If a heart comes along, swat it and you'll get an extra life. I was trying to think of stuff in the Mario Paint game even though it's been eons since I last played it. Although I guess I could download a SNES emulator and get a Mario Paint rom, but then I risk getting viruses, which is really dumb. Why would the virus people target likely people who would know how to remove them?


Right now there's a 50% chance of you getting a heart instead of a fly (there will always be the same number of bees). But I can change the heart %, and I will so it's similar to your chances of getting a chicken nugget in Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland.


I think the maximum amount of sprites I can have on the screen is 8. Which makes me wonder how there can be more than 8 coins on the screen in Super Mario Land.

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