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Cruizin' AtariAge - Kitt'N Kaboodle (VCS/2600) Update - August 2020



Got a new version of Kitt'N Kaboodle for the Atari 2600/VCS




This one has:

* Improved sprites (Jumping, running, and climbing.)

* Change of the logo from "Bubsy 0" to "Kitt'N Kaboodle"

* New final level with item (one of Virgil's atoms) from "Paws on Fire" to celebrate that game release.1726844639_ScreenShot2020-08-18at10_29_37PM.png.b1553bb4d60feea8a8e067c2e7a9eddb.png

Download latest version.


The latest revision was prompted when Welfz Twingo Furs ran some ideas by me for a version of the game he had in mind.   I created the version for him, and with his permission adapted some inspiration from that and other revisions to make the revision 22 you see above.


For completists, here is the Welfz Twingo Furs edition, thanks again Welfz Twingo Furs!)



Still hoping to hack the music, I have had some success with that, and still dream of hacking in a voice track since Bubsy was one of the first talking mascots.   So will scratch the chin a bit more on that.  For now, enjoy!  :D



Coming up in September...

A Swedish version of "Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind" that Busby the Bobcat helped me find.

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