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Mille Bornes for Atari Microsoft BASIC

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Mille Bornes for Atari Microsoft BASIC


In my quest to put Mille Bornes everywhere here is an Atari Microsoft BASIC version. This game has a rather odd history; it started out as an Atari BASIC game that I got a long time ago from, I have no idea? The 1st translation I made was to the TI-99/4a in TI Extended BASIC several years back. That was a rather difficult translation and almost took a full rewrite. Recently I translated to the CoCo2 BASIC from the TI-99/4a. That was a rather simple translation since TIXB is very MSBASIC like (which CoCo uses). Yesterday I decided to translate it from the CoCo BASIC to Atari Microsoft BASIC which took only a couple hours since both are MS BASIC based. So it took 20+ years for me to translate Mille Borne from Atari BASIC to Atari Microsoft BASIC. 😁

the game autoboots and loads MSB 2.7 from disk. ENJOY


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