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UPDATED:Mille Borne for the Tandy Color Computer

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Mille Bornes for Tandy Color Computer 2


UPDATE: a bug was found in line 26300. I had dropped a zero from the GOTO, fixed. Also a suggestion was made to add (dots) while loading to have something to look at, done. If you want to fix the version you already have made the GOTO on line 26300 add a zero to make it 26500 instead of 2650. add this line to get the dots while loading:

2420 II = II + 1 : IF II = 10 THEN II = 0 : PRINT ".";

Here is the card game Mille Borne in BASIC. I also uploaded it to colorcomputerarchive . It'a a non-graphic card game that you play against the computer (the computer plays a very good game). the game uses a 52×24 column utility so it might be a little hard to view on an un-modified CoCo. This is a translation I made from it’s original Atari 8-bit version to the TI-99 and now to the CoCo2. Oddly enough I found someone had also translated the game to the Commodore Plus 4 too. Check out the game manual in manuals/games section on colorcomputerarchive.com for the general instructions on how to play Mille Borne.




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